Urban vs. Rural: Is life in an Ecovillage different than life in the City?

Urban vs. Rural: Is life in an Ecovillage different than life in the City?

Posted on September 9, 2016

From time to time people come to visit and really enjoy their time here. Some are volunteer workers/wwoofers, others are casual visitors or potential members. Perhaps they stay weeks, months, or look to become permanent members. What qualities do they seem to possess that create that almost seamless fit?

Many times it’s a function of openness to: a new place, new people, new landscape, etc. Just as any individual is unique and brings their own history in their pockets, Kakwa is unique: a farm, with rural services in a wilderness environment. It’s rural Canada at 53 deg. North. Weather is always variable. Some days it’s perfect, many days it’s acceptable, others it seems too hot or too cold. That openness to change & variability could be described as flexible or adaptable. Enjoying change is key…

Who’s here? Sometimes 2 or 3 people including you. Other weeks it’s groups of 7-10, or gatherings of 30+. Do you like meeting new people from all sorts of backgrounds and different countries? Or are you content working quietly by yourself in the garden? Both are equally important. Are you a happy and content person, with a welcoming family and lots of friends? You are likely to remain the same at Kakwa. And, conversely if you are not a happy and content person can you make that change at Kakwa? Possibly, but you have to be the change you want to see. If you are unhappy or lonely there may be reasons for that which are not due to circumstances, but merely a reflection of your real self in the mirror. We are here to be friendly but just because we are convenient does not mean we are available to be your new best friend. Our lessons seem to follow us wherever we go! If you have any physical or other disabilities you aren’t automatically excluded. However, it’s most often your responsibility in speaking up to make sure you are included.

What life lessons might be especially challenging here: being single if you are looking for/needing a partner; dislike of: physical work, animals/livestock, the out-of-doors, a 4 season climate,; any addictions; earning a living without being self-employed or engaged in farm related activities; occasional extremes such as: too many bugs, floods on the highway, bears on the walk path, fires in the forest, wolves attacking livestock, needing the convenience of retail shops 24/7, or being 60 min from the nearest hospital, etc.

Getting along is typically not an issue for 1 or 2 days. However, if you are contemplating living in the Ecovillage it’s likely that some of the people here will become your lifelong friends. There will be conflict and disagreements. Can you stop answering the telephone or move across town? No, so honest communication becomes key. Avoiding people is not an option. Best to give people the opportunity & make the time to talk it out, listen to each other and perhaps agree to disagree with the recognition you could be baling hay, or cooking dinner that same day with them! 🙂

As you may have concluded there aren’t many similarities with the Ecovillage rural life and most people’s existence in a City. At least now you know there is a choice! 🙂