Farm Coop Apprentices

Farm Coop Apprentices

  • Purpose is to experience life as we live it.
  • Agree to abide by our Values during time as an Apprentice.


The goal of the apprenticeship programme is rather succinct: to teach people aspects of sustainability and ecovillage living.

More specifically we aim to teach some fundamental aspects of survival as a human being:

  • how to grow food, and market in today’s competitive world, if you choose
  • the significance of animals to our lives, as fellow co-inhabitants of the earth
  • how to live cooperatively and supportively
  • to help inspire the creation of more ecovillages
  • to provide a hands-on experiential learning environment

Our expectations of students:

Students will spend at least 30 hours per week on assignments and tasks related to the programme. At times due the nature of long Canadian Summer days and the fact that Nature does not wait for us, our work days may be extended and physical.

Students will endeavor to work well with one another and with the staff/ members of the Ecovillage. They will also have time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain wilderness, meditating on the banks of a wild, clean river, good company around a campfire, and an invigorating swim on a hot summer’s day. There may even be the occasional sighting of an elk, beaver or bear…

Apprenticeship allows for an introduction into the seasonal life of Kakwa Ecovillage, and insights to consider if membership is a goal…


Class size is limited so early registration is recommended.

Cost is $600 per month for subsistence (food staples***, energy, internet and lodging). We are an educational endeavor within a forming ecovillage. Thus we have little to work with in terms of surplus. What is offered is an experience to gain practical experience and knowledge in a spectacular natural setting, in the midst of a cooperative social environment. We aspire to permaculture principles and encourage the attunement to Nature and the collective energy of the group, whether at work or play.

To apply:

Answer the following questions by taking this survey.

Select the dates of your availability. Please limit your response to a paragraph for each question.

Non-Canadians are considered for apprenticeships. If accepted non-Canadians must provide proof of medical insurance. Via Rail provides service direct to our site. This is the preferred method of arrival. Arrival by bus to McBride; nearby on highway 16, or via airlines to Prince George will require advance coordination. Special requests are $65/trip.

If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified by email or phone.