Kakwa Ecovillage Cooperative is a place and a mindset…remarkably beautiful and peaceful. Where we do our best to work with each other in a cooperative spirit.

About Kakwa Ecovillage Coop

Founded as a direct inspiration from the Global Ecovillage movement, including Findhorn, The Farm and Crystal Waters. Located in the magnificent ecosystem of the Inland Temperate Rainforest of British Columbia. Where we have gardens, a small orchard ,cattle herd. And lots of room for quiet walks, additional agriculture, livestock, and homes.

Story by JJ Heo

I and my wife EJ visited Kakwa eco village in 2014 before going to Edmonton spring show. I visited here many years ago and had been experienced daily life such as cooking, gardening, cleaning barns, fence posting, meeting new people and enjoying working together in the intentional community. Whenever I come, I felt peaceful smiles from Russ and nature. Right now, I live in Vancouver area but always remember this village and hope to see this beautiful village soon. Be healthy and good luck my friend Russ!
- Submitted By JJ Heo

Story by Jeremy Cuningham

My partner and I were travelling across Canada to visit intentional communities and ecovillages. We stumbled upon kakwa in september 2021 and were greeted by Russ, Helen and the big dog. We very much appreciated the peacefulness of the place and the opportunity to learn new things while collaborating such as create a concrete slab, replace fence posts and treat wood. We would also cook and eat together, delicious locally provided food. I used to make many crumbles for dessert with the local berries and I sometimes somewhat overcooked it, thus the term “mahogany cooked”. “It isn’t burnt! It’s perfectly mahogany cooked.” Much gratitude for Russ, your vision, leadership, patience. Gratitude for the forest and the river that blesses it. Thank you Kakwa and best wishes for the future. Jay
- Submitted By Jeremy Cuningham
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